What Is the APK File Extension About?

Most of us Android phone users keep installing and trying different applications and games from the Google Play store on a regular basis. These applications are installed automatically and just appear on our phones when we click the install button. However, there is another way to install applications and games, and even live wallpaper on your phone without using an application store like Google Play. That’s where APK or Android application Package files come into play.

Anyone who has used an Android phone and likes to install lots of applications and games will likely have heard or read about APK files. The APK file extension is a special file format that works much like a standard EXE or executable file does on a Windows computer. It is an executable program file that installs an application on your Android smartphone.

These files are very easy to use but you first need to set up your phone to install applications from third-party sources. There’s an option for that in your phone’s settings, usually found in the security or applications settings sections. Once you check that, you only need to copy an APK file to your memory card, and you’re good to go.

However, the tricky part is finding a reliable source for these files. You can’t just download files with the APK file extension from any website. Quite a few websites that don’t run proper antivirus checks and verify the application files uploaded there. Some of these can easily be viruses or other malware designed to give someone else access to your phone’s features like the camera, microphone, your picture gallery and contacts lists, breaching your privacy. As long as you download APK files from reliable sources though, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Most of the time, you’ll find discontinued applications or live wallpapers like Flappy Bird online in the form of APK files that other users of the app have uploaded to websites. They are a very good source of custom applications as well that users made for their own use. Those simple, small, and mostly ad free applications are great to add some new features to your phone such as a flashlight or an RSS reader. However, one should be very careful about what file we download and from where because not everyone can make good quality applications and some can even mess up the phone if run on an incompatible device.


Best Web Browsers: How to Choose a Web Browser

Choosing a web browser is not as difficult as it may seem. Most browsers have the same basic features, but each comes with some applications of its own. If you want to get the most out of your Internet experience, you need to find a browser that is appropriate for your operating system and your preferences. When you choose a browser, the safety features should be one of the things that you consider.

Before you start searching for the best web browsers, make sure you know your computer’s specifications. Think about what you would expect from a browser. Do you want one featuring RSS feeds, ant-spyware, parental controls, or automatic updates? If you run your own business, then you need a browser that can run the sales applications you use. For many companies, customization and management options are essential when choosing a web browser.

Speed is another aspect that you need to consider. Even though all browsers are much faster today than they were in the past, some of them are better than others. Caching and JavaScript are the most common factors affecting the speed of your browser. Choosing a browser with better JavaScript performance is like switching to a faster computer.

Some web browsers are only available to certain operating systems. Before you select one, make sure you know what platform you are on. Compare the best and most popular browsers based on their features. If you want a text-based browser, use ELinks. If you have low memory, consider using Netsurf, Dillo, or Off by One. Some browsers feature a download manager, pop-up ad blocking, password manager, and advanced security solutions.

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If you want to keep your data safe, use more than one browser for different activities, such as Mozilla Firefox for online banking and Google Chrome for browsing. When comparing web browsers, try to find out if you can add features to the ones you are interested in. You can customize your browser by adding or removing buttons from the toolbar. Look for browsers with phishing filters, decryption, and download warnings. If you complete online forms regularly, look for browsers with form filler.

Before you download a new browser, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. All browsers are free to use, so try a few to see which one suits your needs. If you have a site or blog, check the compatibility of your web pages with each of the major browsers.


Solar Roofing Shingles – The Key to Going Green!

Have you ever desired to save a selection of money to your electrical invoice? Have you been advised that you can via your friends? Are you tired of them telling you that they stored plenty of cash that month? Well, might you want to understand how? Well, this is how. There referred to as solar roofing shingles, moreover referred to as photovoltaic shingles or flexible sun series panels.



Solar roofing shingles appear like asphalt shingles however do not do the equal element. The shingles do save you rain from getting in your own home however similarly they take the sun mild and turns it into energy. The sun roofing shingle has a darkish blue shade, consequently making it look like you have just plain asphalt shingles. Your associates will by no means realise that you got solar shingles until they look genuinely close. If you are wondering how a remarkable deal this all rate I can can help you recognise. It fee plenty more then asphalt shingles but during the time you’ve got them they will pay for themselves. Maybe even the time will come even as the electrical agency will pay you on your electricity. Wouldn’t that be a pleasing alternate?Flexible sun collection panels add the wished flexibility and provide wanted for durability on the roof. Years of rain, wind, sleet and snow can take a beating on any roof much much less by myself series panels. That is why this type of in ovation is so crucial constant with the times and going inexperienced.So stop letting humans let you know that they are saving more money on their electric powered powered bill. Ask them what they did to shop that quantity of money. They will possibly permit you to understand that they’ve flexible solar series panels established on their roof


Solar Roof Mounts – 5 Things to Know

Solar roof mounts (a.k.a. solar panel systems mounted on the roof) are by far the most popular solar solution to high energy bills, and are backed by great rebates and 25 year warranties. However, your roof is pretty important, so you’ll want the full scoop on what a solar panel system means for you and your roof. Here are some common Q&As to get you started.

1. What are the most important factors in determining whether a roof is suitable for solar?

There are two really major requirements your roof needs to satisfy. One has to do with the direction it faces and its access to sunlight in the daytime. The other is the likelihood your roof will outlast your solar roof mount (30+ years). If your roof isn’t in great shape, now is the time to replace or repair. Before you install, a professional solar consultant will inspect your roof and determine whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced and whether it will be able to support the additional weight of the racks and solar panels (at least 4lbs per square foot).

2. Which types of roof are best for installing a solar roof mount?

No roof type will disqualify you from going solar. Solar installation companies have successfully installed solar roof mounts on metal, asphalt, tile, slate, and gravel roofs. It’s difficult to generalize about which type of roof is best because it varies by individual situation, building type, building height, climate, and seismic factors.

3. What are my options for a roof mount?

There are two basic types: ballasted and penetrating. Ballasted panels, which are especially suitable for flat roofs, are held down by weights to your roof. In this way, they offer minimal disruption to the roof. Penetrating solar panel systems are attached your roof, making them more suitable for situations in which wind or seismic conditions require more stability. Penetrating solar roof mounts may affect your roof warranty; ballasted generally will not. A good solar consultant can lay out the pros and cons of each for your particular situation.

4. How much roof space will a solar panel system take?

The size of your system depends to a great degree on your energy usage, how much you intend to offset with solar energy, and how much space is available. An average residential system is generally between 400-700 square feet. However, smaller and more inconspicuous systems (e.g. for a solar patio or a garage) are also possible.

5. What qualifications should my solar installation company have?

As with all solar installations, your installer should be well-established, registered with the BBB, and have all the necessary licenses for both electrical and solar work. Experience is a must, especially in roofing: solar installers that have had experience as roofers can be counted on to treat your roof carefully during installation


Should You Use Organic Weed Killer?

It is possible to use herbicide or organic weed killer to kill unwanted plant growth in organic gardens without introducing any dangerous chemicals into your backyard. There are a growing number of people that will look specifically for organic weed killer even if their garden is not 100% organic.

If you are looking for weed killer for a vegetable garden, it is a reasonable assumption that very few people, if any, will want to spray a lot of unknown chemicals onto plants that you are growing for food. Even if you do not have a vegetable garden, organic weed killer will generally be safer for pets. In all cases, if you are using weed killer you must check the labels to understand what is in the ingredients.

The word ‘organic’ has two different meanings.

One is any substance that is carbon based, which includes almost all weed killers.

The other meaning of organic relates to a product that can be used on land that has been certified for organic food production.

This latter meaning is what we generally use when we refer to organic weed killer, but unfortunately there are not as many of these products available. So if you do decide to buy a commercial weed killer, make sure you check that it can be used on organic land.

Herbicide (which just means ‘plant killer’) is available in two types.

There are some types that only kill certain plants. These are referred to as selective herbicides. For example, a generic leaf weed killer will kill dandelion, clover and other similar types of weeds in a lawn without causing any harm to the grass.

The other types of herbicides are referred to as non-selective herbicides, as they kill all plants. It would be very unusual to use these in a garden but they may be useful to clear weeds from areas where you do not want anything to grow at all, such as a gravel area or driveway.

Non-selective chemical weed killers that kill everything can be very dangerous to use in a garden as they can easily be spread into other areas by rain and stop anything from growing in your garden at all.

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The main organic alternative however is vinegar, used in around 15% to 20% concentration in water. You can spray this over any unwanted plants during a dry spell and they will more than likely die off. Also, whilst the weeds may grow back, they are unlikely to grow back so strongly in future. As with all sprays of this nature however, repeated spraying will usually prevent any future growth in that area, so avoid any continuous use of this on areas where you may want to grow other plants later.

For many organic gardens, a better solution may be to use a layer of felt or sheets of newspaper under the gravel or decking where you want to stop the weeds growing. If you have a large area that you want to clear before replanting, you may prefer to use a flame gun to burn off the weeds. Normal safety rules apply however and you should only do this when they are wet, so that the fire does not spread or get out of control.

A possible organic selective weed killer is citrus oil or D-limonene. If you paint this on to the leaves of any unwanted plants, it will strip them of their protective waxy surface, which in turn causes them to dehydrate and die. Obviously you will need to be very careful that you do not contaminate any wanted plants with the citrus oil, as it will inevitably kill them too.

There are some people who are against the use of any type of weed killer in an organic garden, and it is definitely true that you can usually control weeds by hand. However, in some cases such as around paths or in large gardens this can become very difficult and in these cases, organic weed killer can provide a good solution.


Information on South African Study Permits

With South Africa’s diverse and highly recommended range of schooling and tertiary education institutions, it is no surprise to know that many foreigners who immigrate to RSA, either as individuals or families with children, will receive the best education for the person(s) concerned. There are so many different options of education institutions (from pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary schooling facilities) to choose from. South Africa is abundant with students who thrive on knowledge and highly qualified teachers/lecturers to provide the knowledge required to go forward in life.

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In South Africa, a foreigner who would like to study in one of these institutions would require a study permit (temporary residency). There are two options for this type of permit for the respective foreigner(s):

The first option would be for families immigrating to South African with children from the age 6 to 16 (as all children from the age of 6 – 16 are required by law to attend schooling, therefore, requiring a study permit). If a child is young enough to attend crèche, pre-school, etc, provision may be made by the Department to issue a permit to the child(ren), this is done with their own discretion. These permits are issued to the length of the schooling period, the maximum period length of a study permit is 3 years.

What documentation would be required for a study (children accompanying families) permit ?

The documentation required for a RSA (children accompanying families) study permit would include an acceptance letter (“provisionally accepted”) from the RSA educational institution concerned, South African Registered Medical Insurance and proof from the parents (guardians) of financial support for during their stay in RSA while studying.

The second option would be for individual (stand alone) foreigners wishing to continue their studies in South Africa (e.g. university, college, etc). These permits are issued by the Department of Home Affairs to the applicant who has been “provisionally accepted” to a South African Registered Educational Institution. RSA Study permits are issued to the length of the course; this is done with the Department’s discretion.

What documentation would be required for a study (individual) permit ?

The documentation required for a South African (individual) study permit would include an acceptance letter from the South African educational institution concerned, South African Registered Medical Insurance and proof that the applicant can sustain themselves financially during their stay in RSA while studying.

Can a foreigner work on a South African on this permit?

The student (over the age of 16 years) may work 20 hours per week during their term (semester) or when the workplace is a learning institution on this permit.

In order to retain a study permit while in South Africa, the foreigner must attend the courses/school-days. As this permit is a specific permit, if a child/person moves to a different institution or from primary to high school (secondary school), etc – a new study permit would need to be applied for in order to legally attend the new institution. Correspondence courses/distance learning courses do not allow for the issuance of a South African study permit.


TN Visa Problems in Job Interviews and How to Overcome It

Many applicants find jobs they are qualified but cannot overcome the NAFTA immigration visa challenges during an interview and consequently never hear back from the employer or are informed that the employer is not willing to ‘sponsor’ them for their TN1 visa.

Schengen Visa Fee

TN Visa Interview Problems:

1. It is not the Employer

The problem with this situation is not the employer. Many, applicants give up looking for a job in the U.S. thinking the problem is with the employer, but in fact the problem is with how you, the applicant, is interviewing.

2. Incorrect Assumption

Given you are qualified for the job, but are not getting any job offers after interviewing. Then the problem could be because you are making an incorrect assumption going into the interview. Are you assuming the employer knows about the TN1 Visa and how easy it is to get? If so, this is your mistake. If not, then you may be responding in ways that support this assumption. Most employers do not know about the various details of the different types of immigration visas. Not realizing this can really hurt your chances in an interview.

3. The Unknown Problem

The problem is that in most cases the employer does not know enough about the TN1 Visa and how easy it is to obtain it. Also, employers do not realize how cheap it is to obtain the Visa. When most employers realize you are a foreigner and they need to obtain an immigration visa for you, they think of the expensive and time consuming H-1B visa and immediately decide not to hire you.

4. Addressing the Problem

All hope to get a job in the U.S is not lost. Over 80,000 Canadians and Mexicans find jobs and use the TN1 Visa to come to the U.S. each year. You need to learn how to address this problem so you can also start living in the U.S.

To address the problem you must get the employer to not be concerned with having to obtain your TN1visa but to focus on your skills. To do this you must be able to explain the Application process, how easy it is with no cost to the employer. In case you are wondering, it will cost you $56 USD to obtain it. Therefore, you do not even need to burden the employer with it.

It is very powerful to be able to confidently sit in an interview and say to your employer, “Don’t worry about the TN1Visa, I will complete the application, pay for it and I will be ready to start work next week.” This will leave your future employer speechless. Once they realize you are serious, they will ask you all their questions about the TN Visa and how this is possible. You simply need to answer their questions. Once you’ve answered their questions, you’ve addressed their concerns and now they will focus on your skills. You also become a more qualified candidate to them because of how you handled yourself in solving this immigration problem.


Difference Between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plan is an affordable option for traditional dental insurance in number of ways, the question here comes how would a person can select which one among is the better option to go for. So, here we take a look at the differences between the two dental plans, and that will help out to select the best one.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance is the very first choice for a person going to opt for the dental care procedure,
The very first thought that comes to ones mind, going to opt for the dental care cover is dental insurance; it is the traditional method to get cover over all your dental care procedures.

Dental insurance provides you with the dental care cover costs reimbursement, by the help of dental insurance you will get back your dental care expenses, but here are few conditions or criteria to opt dental insurance for your complete dental care procedure, dental insurance have no provision for the cover for the peoples of old age, here you will not be able to enjoy cover for the peoples having any pre-existing dental problem.

Another drawback for the dental insurance is that, you have to under go pre-medical certification tests as a proof for any pre-existing dental care problem. You have to fill number of confusing forms, to get your dental care costs returned.

Dental insurance is best for regular preventive care as teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments etc. but if a person is thinking for buying dental insurance to cover for the root canal, that you require immediately, then you’ll feel regret.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plan as the name suggest is not insurance plan, discount dental plan offers discounts over all the dental care treatments, here you will get discounts between 10% to 60% on all your dental care process, be it preventive or intense dental care procedures, it covers for all major dental works such as dentures, bridges, braces, root canals and more. Here, in dental discount plan you will be provided with discounts on your complete dental procedures, at the time of paying your dentists, here you have to show your membership card and you will benefited by discounts over your complete dental care procedures. visit here

You will enjoy with discount dental plan, available for all the dental care procedures and for all the peoples though suffering from pre-existing dental problem. Here, there is no need to fill confusing forms, or there is no need to fill claims to get your dental care costs returned.

Discount dental plan provides covers for all kinds of dental care procedure, be it preventive or intense, such as root canal, denture, cleaning, teeth whitening, braces etc it also provides covers for the cosmetic dentistry treatments. Discount dental plans are an inexpensive and easy-to-use option for dental insurance, and offers plan members with important savings on all the dental procedures.


Increase the Number of Your Web Shop Visitors For Free!

The main goal of your web shop is to convert the greatest percentage of visitors into customers and to convince the most amount people to spend their money with you. The question that also arises is could your web shop also help in increasing the number of visitors at an earlier stage of the purchasing process without worsening its conversion abilities.

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The answer is YES and not in a average way. Your web shop has many opportunities to help increase the number of visitors, moreover it can become a real visitor attracting machine over the long term, producing high attendance without expensive marketing tools. This does not mean it will become unnecessary to advertise your site but those who do not take advantage of the opportunities on his or her web shop, can lose a serious amount of extra income and profit.

Let us start with the most important fundamental rule; ‘on the internet content is king’. This means that if you have content interesting enough for your customers that cannot be found on other sites, this on its own will attract visitors. How?

First of all, more people will find your web shop through search engines – the more popular key words your content contains, the more visitors will find it (e.g. in professional articles). It is easy to get outside links for the really important content; moreover, people often refer to the link by themselves. An especially interesting study can be real virus marketing in your hands. If you develop your content – in the form of blogs or professional news – you can get returning visitors and many might return to your web shop only for this reason.

The most usual way of developing quality content is to write articles or studies on topics related to your area of expertise that interest the target audience. However, you can also publish news or write a blog in the area of your expertise. The regularly updated content helps to increase the ranking place of your web shop because the search engines evaluate the new content.

It is even more efficient to use the visitors and the customers in writing the new content. The best way is to have a customer opinion section where they can add their own comments. It is also worth motivating them. One way can be to offer a bonus or reduction for those who are willing to write their opinion about a product. Another maybe even better method is to send a reminding email to your customer X days after the purchase – at least one week – to say thank you for the purchase and ask them to write how content they are with the purchased product. This not only increases customer satisfaction – since we consider their opinion important- but it can also be automated.

Furthermore, it is expedient to make it possible that visitors can easily spread the reputation of the web shop. The most frequently used tool for this is the ‘send it to my friends’ function. It can also be useful (previously mentioned in the customer opinion section), to motivate visitors to use it by adding for example, the ‘Show this product to three of your friends and you will be rewarded with a $5 coupon’ approach!


Why Everything You Know About Seo Is A Lie

If you have SEO on your mind and are looking for an SEO professional then it is important to ensure that you get the correct solution, the first time. Like any service enquiry, you should a) communicate clearly what you need and b) ensure that you understand what services are being offered, and what the expected results are going to be for the price. In short you should make sure that both parties have the same expectations. “Website top of Google” is a vague comment to be made by either yourself or your supplier. “To rank on the first page of the Google search results for [phrase X]” is much better: it is very clear and can form an excellent objective for the SEO work about to be undertaken. But you need to be careful here too: if your potential SEO professional starts making guarantees about Google rankings, then that is not good. Google itself states that no one can guarantee rankings in the Google search results. Identifying the keywords for which you want your website to rank in the Google search results is essential and this list should be agreed by both parties. It is easier to get a website ranking well on Google for more specific, targeted phrases (e.g. “seo sunshine coast”) than more generic phrases (such as “SEO”). In addition to this there are a number of technical aspects about your website that make your website more “friendly” to Google, and easier for your SEO supplier to optimise. These are things that should be discussed and understood prior to getting started with the search engine optimisation of your website. Here’s what I recommend you consider and discuss with prospective SEO suppliers, during those crucial discussion stages.

How you can help your SEO Supplier Do you know what the phrases you need to rank highly on Google for are? Or do you need your SEO professional to find this out for you? Your SEO professional will have a number of specialised tools available which allow him or her to research what keyphrases your target market actually uses on search engines to find your services and products. These phrases often differ from the ones you might intuitively think of, because you are thinking from your own perspective as the seller, you naturally use terminology and jargon related to your industry, and in general it can be difficult for you to really put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. However your SEO professional will welcome your thoughts on what keyphrases to start with, and will be able to research and develop a pool of keywords for which you need your website to rank well on Google. Also look at your competitors and see what keyphrases they รับทำ seo use, or are found to be ranking well on Google for, and generate a list. Provide these lists and ideas to your SEO supplier. Describe your target market to your SEO Professional. Who/what are they (demographics) and where are they (geographic targeting)? This will determine the terminology, grammar and phrases etc to be used on your website and the correct phrases to be included in the SEO (e.g. “optimised” in UK, Vs “optimized” in US). It will also help your SEO professional when he or she comes to formally telling Google where to geographically target your website. Let your SEO professional see your website’s Content Management System (CMS – the area that you login to, to manage your website) so that an assessment can be made as to how SEO (or Google) friendly your website is. If some crucial SEO requirement is not possible with your current CMS then this is best identified early, and sometimes a rebuild of the website might be recommended at this time. Where is your website hosted, and who by? The physical location of the servers upon which your website is hosted can be determined by Google and used to target your website in the country-specific search results (i.e. “pages from [country]”). There are a number of other factors that contribute to this, but it is important information that you should give to your SEO professional. It is also important to ensure that your website is not hosted in a “bad neighbourhood”. This can be with a webhosting provider or on servers that also hosts poor quality, or dodgy websites such as spam sites, or link farms. Being associated with these types of website can be detrimental to your success on Google. What domain names point to your website? Do you have just the one, or are there several domain names pointed to your website? If there are several domain names for your site and the management of these is not done correctly then Google may impose a penalty against one or more of the domain names. This is because Google of course doesn’t want to be displaying multiple copies of the same website or web pages in the search results (called duplicate content). Have any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities been undertaken on your website previously? Importantly have any of those “submit your website to many search engines for cheap/free” – type of things been done for your website by you or anyone else? These are frowned upon by Google and if penalties have been imposed or the website held back on Google because of them, then that makes your SEO Professional’s job much harder, and results more difficult to achieve.