Increase the Number of Your Web Shop Visitors For Free!

The main goal of your web shop is to convert the greatest percentage of visitors into customers and to convince the most amount people to spend their money with you. The question that also arises is could your web shop also help in increasing the number of visitors at an earlier stage of the purchasing process without worsening its conversion abilities.

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The answer is YES and not in a average way. Your web shop has many opportunities to help increase the number of visitors, moreover it can become a real visitor attracting machine over the long term, producing high attendance without expensive marketing tools. This does not mean it will become unnecessary to advertise your site but those who do not take advantage of the opportunities on his or her web shop, can lose a serious amount of extra income and profit.

Let us start with the most important fundamental rule; ‘on the internet content is king’. This means that if you have content interesting enough for your customers that cannot be found on other sites, this on its own will attract visitors. How?

First of all, more people will find your web shop through search engines – the more popular key words your content contains, the more visitors will find it (e.g. in professional articles). It is easy to get outside links for the really important content; moreover, people often refer to the link by themselves. An especially interesting study can be real virus marketing in your hands. If you develop your content – in the form of blogs or professional news – you can get returning visitors and many might return to your web shop only for this reason.

The most usual way of developing quality content is to write articles or studies on topics related to your area of expertise that interest the target audience. However, you can also publish news or write a blog in the area of your expertise. The regularly updated content helps to increase the ranking place of your web shop because the search engines evaluate the new content.

It is even more efficient to use the visitors and the customers in writing the new content. The best way is to have a customer opinion section where they can add their own comments. It is also worth motivating them. One way can be to offer a bonus or reduction for those who are willing to write their opinion about a product. Another maybe even better method is to send a reminding email to your customer X days after the purchase – at least one week – to say thank you for the purchase and ask them to write how content they are with the purchased product. This not only increases customer satisfaction – since we consider their opinion important- but it can also be automated.

Furthermore, it is expedient to make it possible that visitors can easily spread the reputation of the web shop. The most frequently used tool for this is the ‘send it to my friends’ function. It can also be useful (previously mentioned in the customer opinion section), to motivate visitors to use it by adding for example, the ‘Show this product to three of your friends and you will be rewarded with a $5 coupon’ approach!

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