TN Visa Problems in Job Interviews and How to Overcome It

Many applicants find jobs they are qualified but cannot overcome the NAFTA immigration visa challenges during an interview and consequently never hear back from the employer or are informed that the employer is not willing to ‘sponsor’ them for their TN1 visa.

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TN Visa Interview Problems:

1. It is not the Employer

The problem with this situation is not the employer. Many, applicants give up looking for a job in the U.S. thinking the problem is with the employer, but in fact the problem is with how you, the applicant, is interviewing.

2. Incorrect Assumption

Given you are qualified for the job, but are not getting any job offers after interviewing. Then the problem could be because you are making an incorrect assumption going into the interview. Are you assuming the employer knows about the TN1 Visa and how easy it is to get? If so, this is your mistake. If not, then you may be responding in ways that support this assumption. Most employers do not know about the various details of the different types of immigration visas. Not realizing this can really hurt your chances in an interview.

3. The Unknown Problem

The problem is that in most cases the employer does not know enough about the TN1 Visa and how easy it is to obtain it. Also, employers do not realize how cheap it is to obtain the Visa. When most employers realize you are a foreigner and they need to obtain an immigration visa for you, they think of the expensive and time consuming H-1B visa and immediately decide not to hire you.

4. Addressing the Problem

All hope to get a job in the U.S is not lost. Over 80,000 Canadians and Mexicans find jobs and use the TN1 Visa to come to the U.S. each year. You need to learn how to address this problem so you can also start living in the U.S.

To address the problem you must get the employer to not be concerned with having to obtain your TN1visa but to focus on your skills. To do this you must be able to explain the Application process, how easy it is with no cost to the employer. In case you are wondering, it will cost you $56 USD to obtain it. Therefore, you do not even need to burden the employer with it.

It is very powerful to be able to confidently sit in an interview and say to your employer, “Don’t worry about the TN1Visa, I will complete the application, pay for it and I will be ready to start work next week.” This will leave your future employer speechless. Once they realize you are serious, they will ask you all their questions about the TN Visa and how this is possible. You simply need to answer their questions. Once you’ve answered their questions, you’ve addressed their concerns and now they will focus on your skills. You also become a more qualified candidate to them because of how you handled yourself in solving this immigration problem.

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